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Highly Unusual Occurance Captured In Photos During The March 15th “Evening With Ed Ozosky”

Last Saturday’s “Evening With Ed Ozosky” provided more than beverages, great food and stimulating discussion.  These highly unusual pictures were taken in the parlor of Larimer Mansion beginning at 8:31 PM and ending at 8:36 PM. In the final picture (taken at the same time as the two strange photos at 8:36) the abnormality is no longer present. No one present  observed this strange occurance at the time.

Use the following link to visit the Hauntings Research Facebook page and view this unusual photo series



An ectomist appeared on the right shoulder of Ed Ozosky during a group photo shoot at the “Night With Ed Ozosky” social on Saturday March 1, 2014. No one present glimpsed the mist at the time. The mist was present in two photographs and did not show itself again that night. Several unusual photos were taken by attendees during the course of the evening. Larimer Mansion continues to be one of the most consistantly active paranormal sites in the country.


Second Meeting Of The March Larimer Mansion Seminar Series

Second Meeting Of The March Larimer Mansion Seminar Series

Renown “Life After Death” theorist and researcher, Ed Ozosky, will be making his second appearance of the month in the scheduled Larimer Mansion seminar series. The informal paranormal series is scheduled for each Saturday evening in March and concludes on Saturday evening, March 29th. To inquire about remaining tickets contact Larimer Mansion. You may click on the enclosed picture to be taken to the Larimer Mansion web site.


Spend An Evening With Ed Ozosky, Good Food And Great Conversation At The Beautiful Historic Larimer Mansion

Spend An Evening With Ed Ozosky, Good Food And Great Conversation At The Beautiful Historic Larimer Mansion

The March 1st, March 8th and March 15th dinner/evening socials with veteran paranormal researcher, Ed Ozosky are completely sold-out. At this time, four additional seats are available for the March 29th final, Evening With Ed Ozosky dinner-seminar. Contact Larimer Mansion to arrange for a fascinating evening of good food, great conversation and serious supernatural research-insights.


Photo Following The Gathering: A Night With Ed

Photo Following The Gathering: A Night With Ed


Larimer Mansion is hosting an informative gathering each Saturday evening during the month of March. The program, An Evening With Ed, includes an hour of pleasant-tasting wine selections accompanied with delicious appetizers, followed with a luscious home-made Italian dinner. The evening is consummated with an informal hour of stimulating discussion considering the probability of continued life after death. The group discussion is directed by the founder of Hauntings Research, Ed.
The accompanying photo was captured at the conclusion of last Saturday’s conference by program-attendee, Colleen Seibel. An impressive example of orbs within the Larimer Mansion


Odd Occurance During A Recent Basement Investigation


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Odd Occurance During A Recent Basement Investigation

The picture has a bit of a story to it. There was a chair almost in the middle of the back of the basement being investigated. While sitting in the chair, conducting evps, there was a continuous creepy sensation that someone was behind the chair in that basement. So the chair was moved back against the basement wall. At that point the first evp question was, “Will the person who was behind me, show themselves”. This picture was taken at the exact moment of that evp question. An additional oddity is that this is the first orb which was recorded after 15 minutes of picture taking in the basement.


Ghostly Woman Photographed During Hauntings Research’s Final Presentation of The 2013 Larimer Mansion Ghost Tour

Ghostly Woman Photographed During Hauntings Research's Final Presentation of The 2013 Larimer Mansion Ghost Tour

This hair-raising ghost tour image was captured by a startled woman (sorry, if you send us your name we will certainly credit you for the photo) quietly sitting in the first row of the tour audience during the viewing of the ghost tour video presentation at Larimer Mansion. This mysterious image was captured using a phone-camera As can be seen in the photograph, the startling image of the mysterious woman could not have been more than a foot or two in front of the camera at the time the picture was taken. This apparition was not visible as the camera was pointed at a room wall which was present some seven or eight feet from the photographer. No living person was in front of the woman photographer. Larimer Mansion continues to prove itself as one of most consistently active paranormal sites in the country today.